2315 W. 19st


Welcome to 2315 West 19st FIRST FLOOR REAR. Our property boast of proximity to the city. You are a 3 min walk to the Western Pink line stop on the CTA. It is a great location for walkable activities and doings. Please note access instructions below. Check-in is anytime at your convenience after 3pm. Early-check in is not guaranteed unless you pay a $50 fee via Zelle 24 hours in advance.

Facing the building walk to the grey gangway door on the left hand side.

Proceed towards the black gate. If the gate is opened, please do not go past it. Your entry point is the side door to your right.

To open, lower the small door and align the numbers to 1948. Push down the black lever to release the door, and pry open. Please make sure you close the lockbox completely. If you lose this key, it might take a significant amount of time to grant you access to the building again and you will be charged $150 for the inconvenience. $350 if I need to give you access after hours, after 6pm. Some of our guests opt into returning the key and taking it out every-time.

Your unit is Apt 1R. Do not go up the stairs. Unit 1r is written on the door.

Press 33699#, turn the knob first, THEN push the door HARD. It is an old building.

This is a no shoe unit, please respect that. Especially during the winter, snow slushy months. You have plenty of space to hang your coats, bags, and lay your shoes down. I personally mop the floor after every turn-over.

Parking passes are found here and directions on how to use them are written on the passes themselves. They are not needed to park on Western Ave, Oakley Ave, or 18st. Passes are only good for 19 St, Cullerton Ave, 18 Place from Western Ave to Hoyne St. They function to give you access to more parking. Each pass is good to 24 hours. Every reservation gets up to three passes. Please use them accordingly if you are staying for a longer period of time.

Since this is ground floor unit and a 420 safe space, I have two air purifiers. This one and the one in the bedroom. Please leave them on on auto or the lowest setting, especially if you chose to smoke weed inside. You can turn them off if they bother you but when you leave and check-out, it is crucial that they stay-on.

You are 4 minute walking distance to the CTA’ Pink Western Line. You are a 10 min ride to downtown.